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Dear all,

Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture and Education is using a new website.

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Guide on Cultural Entrepreneurship

Dear friends,

The guide from the Youth Exchange EntreCULCHAship: Cultural Entrepreneurship is a way to widen the mind and the spirit is finally here.

We are happy to share it with you!

Guide EntreCULCHAship

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Insights on EntreCULCHAship from Croatia

We are happy to share Duje Vrdoljak’s experience of youth exchange EntreCULCHAship, which was held in Plovdiv in the end of June.

The youth exchange EntreCULCHAship in Plovdiv, Bulgaria was one of the best exchanges I visited until now. We was part of partnership comprises 30 young people from six European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Romania, and North Macedonia.

The project’s context in entrepreneurship in culture (not employed and not in education or training) is worryingly increasing, and the young people do not have the necessary skills to enter the labor market or start private initiatives. The aim of the project was to increase the chances of access to the labor and business market of the NEET youth from 18-30 years by increasing the entrepreneurial skills. The methodology was dynamic and diverse and was based on non-formal education. It included games, presentations, lectures, entrepreneurial education, artistic creation, workshops, visits, intercultural evenings

The activities of the project were the preparation, trust and team building games, presentations of organizations and participants, the Erasmus+ program and the Youthpass certificate, cultural and study visits in Plovdiv. There were 8 workshops in which the participants found out about the entrepreneurship in culture, its causes and effects, and understood the key competences for employment and business. The participants also met with local young entrepreneurs. The central workshops taught young people to elaborate a business plan and prepare its presentation.

On that project, we learnt many new things, which were presented by the two female young professionals working in the Bulgarian NGO.

I hope that in the future I will be able to be a part of another project of this organization in Bulgaria.

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Thoughts on EntreCULCHAship from Greece

We are happy to share Chirstina Koutsolioutsou’s experience of youth exchange EntreCULCHAship, which was held in Plovdiv in the end of June.

As far as it concerns the Greek team I have to admit we had a great time!! We instantly bonded and created a positive atmosphere that we transferred to the rest of teams as well. For some of us, it was the first time we were taking part at an Erasmus + K1 exchange, and it was more than rewarding. All the doubts we had before starting the journey were gone from Day 1.

First, we had the opportunity to meet wonderful people from around Europe, from countries like Romania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy and Croatia. We realized how many things we have in common with our neighbor countries.

We made friendships that will last for a long time, created happy moments and exchanged cultural values and traditions. Nonetheless, we discovered each other’s cultures by tasting each other’s food, music, even dancing at some points!

The organizers were very close to us. The communication between the receiving and the sending organization went smoothly and we were ready to begin our journey from Sofia all together.

The receiving organization made sure we were feeling comfortable during the journey. During the project, Nevena and Mariya made sure we were following the plan and contributing as much as possible to the tasks, along with the help of their marvelous assistant Daisy! We really enjoyed the non-formal education activities, we learnt how to make a business plan and we developed our team spirit.

Nikos, Evi, me and Alkis managed to create ideas towards the project, share our views with the team and build solid skills that we can possible use in the future.

I really enjoyed the topic of “Art and Enterpreneurship” and I have to admit it was perfect for all levels of trainees. As an artist I gained valuable knowledge and a confidence boost in order to keep working hard. Plovdiv became one of my favorite European cities, full of history and great cultural development. I think we will be visiting again soon!

I recommend this experience to everyone! Take a break, find a reason to exit your comfort zone and explore a new country, meet new people and at the same time work at a project of your interest.

Can’t wait to do it again!



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EntreCULCHAship: Insights from North Macedonia

We are happy to share Sara Dimeska’s experience of youth exchange EntreCULCHAship, which was held in Plovdiv in the end of June.

It was a pleasure and really great experience for us to be a part of the Youth Exchange in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I, Sara Dimeska was participant and representative from Macedonian team. We were 5 participants from Macedonia: (Sara Dimeska, Hristijan Todoroski, Borjan Vasileski, Martin Trajkoski and Kristina Stamenova). We represented the Macedonian organization – Center for Educational and Development Initiatives INNOVA LAB. Other participants on the Youth Exchange were people 18-30 from Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Italy and Romania.

The topic of the project was ‘’EntreCULCHAship: Cultural Entrepreneurship as a Way to Widen the Mind and the Spirit’’. We had an opportunity to learn and discuss about Entrepreneurship, Culture and how this two terms collide together (Cultural Entrepreneurship). We emphasized the top entrepreneurship skills and how to develop them in order to establish a general set of competences.  Beside this, we learned how to create a SWOT analysis, and we were divided into groups to create a SWOT analysis for different topics. While creation, we used a brainstorming session.  It was a really great opportunity to listen different ideas from different people from Europe. After this, we had an honor to create our business card, with specific product/service, logo, target group, marketing, SWOT analysis, etc.

Also, we had an intercultural evening. All of the participants had an ability to present their own country (history, gastronomy, music and cultural characteristic). We took with us traditional Macedonian food and drinks, in order to share with the other people from the other countries. We spent a great time with good music, fun, party and friendship.

We had an ability to explore Plovdiv. Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria. This city is an important economic, transport, cultural, and educational center. This city is chosen for the European capital of culture in 2019. We visited the center of Plovdiv, the famous Kapana neighborhood and other places connected with cultural entrepreneurship.

This kinds of projects are good opportunity for connecting and networking with people from the whole Europe. We spent a great time and expand our acquaintances.

At the end of the project, all of the participants received a Youth Exchange certification.

Keep waiting for the another Exchange….

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EntreCULCHAship: Insights from Bulgaria

We are happy to share Denitsa Enikova’s experience of youth exchange EntreCULCHAship: Cultural Entrepreneurship as a Way to Widen the Mind and the Spirit, which was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in the end of June.

Taking part in EntreCULCHAship helped me gain skills and knowledge of high importance. Throughout the program I learned new tools in the entrepreneurial sphere such as SWOT analysis, crowdfunding, business pitch, advertisement and its alternatives. The interesting part of this youth mobility was the fact that throughout the program I learned a lot more about myself and where I stand in life. My personal highlight was the “Present YOURself” workshop in which I had the opportunity to take it all out on a blank sheet of paper and remind myself what I truly stand for. Thanks to the fact that there were participants from various European countries, I got to expand my knowledge in different language families. In summary, this project came as a really useful experience for a person who believes that the struggling artist stereotype should be a thing of the past.

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Впечатления от Active Living

Здравейте, приятели! Ето какво написа една от младите ни участнички в младежкия обмен Active Living: Sports as Everyday Comforts, Десислава Константинова:

Здравейте, казвам се Десислава и имах честа да участвам в един страхотен спортен проект – Active Living, който се проведе в областта Узана, Габрово в периода 30 април – 6 май. Той събра участници от България, Северна Македония, Румъния, Чехия и Литва. Имах възможността да се запозная със страхотни млади хора на моята възраст, които живеят в различни държави от нашата, но целите и любимите ни неща са същите. През дните на проекта имаше много интересни и събуждащи игри, любопитни и полезни презентации, дискусии по различни теми свързани със спорт и един прекрасен турнир, в който имаше различни видове игри и елементи от спортове и не беше типичният турнир. След тези изпълнени с емоции и знания дни, имахме възможност вечер да научим повече за различните държави чрез културните събития. След тях ние танцуваме, говорихме си и се сприятелявахме. Проектът не те учи само на тематиката, която включва, учи те да говориш пред публика, да дискутираш, да се сприятеляваш с различни хора, разчупва предразсъдъци и най-вече научаваш много неща чрез игри и разговори. Няма как да забравя този проект, беше на страхотно място, опитвахме традиционни храни, учихме думи на различни езици и станах приятелка с уникални хора. Искам да благодаря на Фондация за предприемачество, култура и образование за това, че ми дадоха възможност да участвам в този страхотен проект.

И както казва една приятелка: Еразъм е промяна. Променяш себе си, преоткриваш се, и по този начин променяш и света около себе си. Еразъм е знание – научаваш се да се бориш със страховете си, да разчиташ на някого, да общуваш с лекота и да приемаш критика. Еразъм е приключение. Приключение, което създава нови и красиви спомени, дава възможност да подобриш уменията си и да се запознаеш с културата на много страни. Еразъм е “дрога” . Искаш още и още – още пътувания, нови приятелства, безсънни нощи, приятни спомени… Еразъм е за смелите. За хора, които искат да опитат нещо ново и да се откъснат от рутината на делничния ден. Еразъм е за теб, за мен, за него, за нея… Той е за всички мечтатели, авантюристи, които гонят дивото, а не опитомяват питомното. Еразъм е свобода! Всяко докосване до Еразъм е ново знание, приключение и приятелство!

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Insights on Innovating Musicultural Visions youth exchange

Our Bulgarian youth group just came back from Italy, where they had participated in Innovating Musiccultural Visions youth exchange project.

Here are some insights on the project by our team leader, Mariya Veleva:

The project Innovating Musicultural Visions took place from 4 to 14 May in Sant’Agata de’ Goti, small medieval village in the center of Campania region in Southern Italy. In this beautiful area participant from six countries – Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey and Italy, were included in activities approaching topics such as tolerance, personal and cultural expression.

The participants had the opportunity not only to present their countries during the national evenings but also to share with the others part of their uniqueness kept during the years in their traditional cuisine, dance and music. Through different forms of art and by expressing our personal and cultural potential, we all get to know each other better.

The Bulgarian team, representing Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture and Education, decided instead of just speaking about Bulgaria to give the opportunity to experience it in a happening. The main idea was to bring Bulgaria to the participants of the project through our language, food, traditional Bulgarian music and dance “horo”.

In our free time and during the body percussion activities we were all naturally prompt to find and to communicate our cultural diversities beyond the language barrier. Together we innovated new “musicultural” visions of our nationalities and ourselves. While exploring the beautiful nature of Sant’Agata hiking and discovering different sides of Naples, we experienced new ways to connect with other people.

Along the project, we get to know the local community and at the final event, we had a lot of fun, sharing with them the things that we have created and learned so far. Starting with the body percussion musical group creations and the traditional Italian dances followed by the national presentation of each country, we created a secure place where we spread our creativity and altogether enjoyed the moment.

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Active Living Report

Dear friends,

The report from the Youth Exchange Active Living: Sports as everyday comforts is now live!

We are happy to share it with you!

Report Active Living EN

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Active Living: Insights from Greece

We are happy to share Andreas Constantinou’s experience of youth exchange Active Living, which was held in Uzana area, Gabrovo in the beginning of May.

Hey, I am Andreas and I just got back from Bulgaria. Me and four more people from Greece took place in the “SPORTS AS EVERYDAY COMFORTS” project, held in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The main goal of the project was to learn about sports hygiene, sports culture and motivate ourselves to have healthy life and exercise more.

During the project, we met people from Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Lithuania and Czech Republic. It was really interesting how despite our cultural differences we managed to find a way to work, create, exercise and have a good time together. Many of the activities we had helped us being more communicative and getting out of our comfort zone. We learned about other countries, their culture and we tasted their traditional foods and drinks. I had the chance to get to know some really incredible people and make friends whom I will definitely keep in touch in the future.

I am very thankful for all the great memories and the experience I gained during my time in Bulgaria! Being part of the Erasmus family is something you cannot describe with words you just have to feel it. So do not hesitate and apply for those projects, it will not only open your mind, but heart as well!

Special thanks to the organization that hosted us in Bulgaria FECE (Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture and Education).


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